Is Cheese Healthy for you? !!!!

This is a question that I have been asked a countless times, while I was producing Cheese since 2013 and selling it under the brand Casa Del Cheese! 
Unfortunately since Cheese has not been part of our culture, and our exposure to the world of cheese has been limited, we are completely unaware of Cheese & health! 

We are holding a free 90-minute seminar we will talk all about Cheese and health and whether it is really healthy for you or not? 

It will be an eye opening session and will be worth engaging your precious time! At the end of the Session I will also be launching my exclusive Online Cheese Making Workshop with exciting offers!

Day: 28 May 2024 -
Time: 7 to 9 pm
Venue: Online


In this free webinar, you will learn:

1.  Difference between Real Cheese vs Analogue Cheese

2. All about Cheese & health

3. Breakdown of the cheese making process

4. How to pick the right cheese in the supermarket or online store

5. Exciting offers to enroll into the Casa Del Cheese Academy

About Your Instructor

Dhvani Desai: Founder & Head Cheese-maker at Casa Del Cheese will be conducting this workshop. She has been making Cheese for the past 10 years. And considers herself a master in Cheesemaking, especially in tropical regions. Dhvani has been extremely passionate about the art of Cheese Making. And her ultimate goal while running Casa Del Cheese was to ensure that each and every customer enjoys the experience of consuming Cheese!! Some of her extremely popular creations have been Truffle Snowcake, Cranberry & seeds Snowcake, Greek-style Feta, Farmers Cheese, Ash Mushroom Brie, Patra Ni cheese ( leaf-wrapped brie) and Gruyere. This workshop will enable the participant to make their own Snowcake Cheese! Her cheeses have been extremely popular and she has learned to make cheese to suit the Indian palate

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Learn from the Master of Cheese, Dhvani Desai!