Fresh Cheese & Snowcake class (Online)        

Snowcake & Fresh Cheese Class (Online)

Are you Struggling to find good quality Cheese??? 

Learn to make your own! It's Easy, Convenient and you can make it in your own home kitchen! 

This is a beginner Level Online Class for all newbies who wish to enter the Cheese-Making arena. Go on get yourself some Cheesy Freedom!



You Will Learn:


Quark Cheese

German style Fresh Cheese


Snowcake Cheese

Casa Del Cheese, Signature Cheese


Quick mini platter

using different herbs and spices



Important step in Cheese Making

Quark Cheese or Boursin Cheese also known as the Cheats Cream Cheese is a  fresh creamy tangy cheese that is perfect for platters. It’s a mild cheese, that can absorb bold & delicate flavours.

It’s an excellent breakfast cheese & is also used as fillings in many recipes including pasta/ ravioli, stuffed vegetables, pies and tarts. This cheese also goes really well with salads and desserts.


  • Pasteurization Process (Video)
  • The entire process of making fresh cheese from Raw Milk (Video)
  • Salting, Shaping, Flavouring (Video)
  • Quick Cheese Platter (Video)
  • Snowcake Cheese (Video)
  • Cheese log (Video)
  • Ingredients used in making Fresh Cheese
  • Basic Tools used to make Fresh Cheese


Fees: Rs 9999 3999

(Offer ends soon)


# Take it at your time in your comfort zone

# 1 year access to the course

# View it as many times

#Fully recorded course

Whats Included?

  1. From pasteurization of Raw milk to the final Cheese platter, the entire process will be shown
  2. Pasteurization process will be shown
  3. In-depth Step by Step Cheese Making Videos!
  4. Source links and contacts for all the ingredients & tools, will be shared
  5. The recipe & Notes for the entire course content will be shared before the workshop.
  6. You can take this course from any part of the globe and at the time that suits you. 
  7. You will be provided 1 year   of access to the course. 



Do you want to taste smell and touch the cheese while its being made?

At the end of the workshop, you will be well equipped to make your own batch of fresh cheese in your own home!!!!

Snowcake Cheese has been our signature cheese, and our own take on Quark Cheese. You will learn how to make this cheese right from scratch, using raw milk.

Discover the magic of Cheese Making!

A first-hand virtual experience! Learn how cheese is made!

About Your Instructor

Dhvani Desai: Founder & Head Cheese-maker at Casa Del Cheese will be conducting this workshop. She has been making Cheese for the past 10 years. And considers herself a master in Cheesemaking, especially in tropical regions. Dhvani has been extremely passionate about the art of Cheese Making. And her ultimate goal while running Casa Del Cheese was to ensure that each and every customer enjoys the experience of consuming Cheese!! Some of her extremely popular creations have been Truffle Snowcake, Cranberry & seeds Snowcake, Greek-style Feta, Farmers Cheese, Ash Mushroom Brie, Patra Ni cheese ( leaf-wrapped brie) and Gruyere. This workshop will enable the participant to make their own Snowcake Cheese! Her cheeses have been extremely popular and she has learned to make cheese to suit the Indian palate

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Learn from the Master of Cheese, Dhvani Desai!

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