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Mascarpone Cheese      

Mascarpone Cheese Module (Online)

Mascarpone Cheese: This is the baker’s Cheese! Everyone loves using it desserts. And it’s so simple to make. You will never go back to a store bought one! 


  • Make your own fresh mascarpone cheese at home! No preservatives, no chemicals, and certainly cost effective! 
  • This Sour Cream Course is targeted for people who are living in India or other tropical Countries. However, people from other countries can benefit from 


Fees: Rs 4999 2999

(Offer ends soon)


# Take it at your time in your comfort zone

# 1 year access to the course

# View it as many times

#Fully recorded course

Whats Included?

  1. In-depth Step by Step Mascarpone Cheese Making Video!
  2. Mascarpone Cheese Recipe Notes Downloadable PDF file
  3. Ingredients used in making Mascarpone Cheese & where to source them
  4. Basic Tools used in making sour cream 
  5. You can take this course from any part of the globe and at the time that suits you. 
  6. You will be provided 1 year   of access to the course. 

Are you keen to take



Do you want to taste smell and touch the cheese while its being made?

About Your Instructor

Dhvani Desai: Founder & Head Cheese-maker at Casa Del Cheese will be conducting this workshop. She has been making Cheese for the past 10 years. And considers herself a master in Cheesemaking, especially in tropical regions. Dhvani has been extremely passionate about the art of Cheese Making. And her ultimate goal while running Casa Del Cheese was to ensure that each and every customer enjoys the experience of consuming Cheese!! Some of her extremely popular creations have been Truffle Snowcake, Cranberry & seeds Snowcake, Greek-style Feta, Farmers Cheese, Ash Mushroom Brie, Patra Ni cheese ( leaf-wrapped brie) and Gruyere. This workshop will enable the participant to make their own Snowcake Cheese! Her cheeses have been extremely popular and she has learned to make cheese to suit the Indian palate

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